“Rebecca is a brilliant tutor, she always encourages to do your best and give it 100% she has been there for me through my struggles but with her help I managed to succeed. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to train/study, she’s amazing at what she does!! Thankyou Rebecca for everything you’ve done and helped me with, can’t wait to continue with my studies when lockdown is over!” 

– Liza (Nails & Eyelash student) 

“Rebecca is brilliant at training. I have seen her working with students of all ages, she is enthusiastic, attention to detail, explains calmly, patient and fun, and her energy inspires me and updates me in my beauty and alternative therapies. If you’re interested in training for the beauty industry, this lady is for you.” 

– Alison (client & waxing student) 

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else for training. Rebecca is the best. Can’t wait till my next course brow lamination not long now.” 

– Amy (Lash Lift student) 

“Rebecca is a fantastic trainer. She guided me to be the best I could and gives you a 100% to make you the best. She is passionate and makes you feel so comfortable. She has been an amazing tutor to me and still helps me now even when I’m done with all my training. You wouldn’t want to go anywhere else if you want to be the best in the business. Thank you Rebecca for everything you’ve done for me and continue to do. I can’t wait to do more training with you.” 

– Victoria (Level 1 & 2 student) 

“Rebecca is amazing, I would highly recommend using for training and treatments, very knowledgeable in what she does and what she teaches, really welcoming and friendly too, if you’re not feeling confident in learning a treatment Rebecca will put your mind at ease and give you the confidence you need! 5 stars from me!” 

– Jodie (Tanning, eye treatment student)